Erica Pinsky

"Having known and worked with Erica Pinsky for many years, I was delighted to hear that she intended to put her practical lessons in building a respectful workplace culture into a book. And the book is everything one might hope it to be. A frank assessment of power, fear and disrespectful behaviours in the workplace, and the solutions needed to turn it around. A must for employers needing to avoid human rights liability, but also for creating a wonderful place to work for everybody."

Susan O'Donnell

Executive Director
BC Human Rights Coalition

"Employees are placing an ever increasing importance on corporate culture – they want a comfortable work environment where they can reach their potential. Organizations that create and maintain such an environment will have superior employee performance and gain a recruiting and retention advantage. Erica is a passionate and skilled advocate for the type of respectful workplace all forward looking corporations are trying to achieve. Road To Respect will show employers how to get there."

David Humer

Manager, Commercial Credit
TD Canada Trust


Reviews about Road to Respect: Path to Profit

"A belief I have lived by throughout my career is the requirement to lead by example.  In Road to Respect, Erica Pinsky presents compelling arguments as to why leaders and those they lead should chose to walk the talk of respect at work.  This book will prove invaluable for anyone interested in building a truly cohesive, responsive and profitable organization in today’s challenging business environment."

Sue Paish

CEO - LifeLabs

“There is simply no downside to having the kind of workplace environment that attracts good people. In a competitive environment you are not just competing for customers, but for staff too. Service to customers and clients, the lifeblood of my business, depends on a team who feel valued and supported. Erica Pinsky understands how employers can be Employers of Choice."

Barry Campbell


Campbell Strategies

"With her trademark straightforward style, Erica presents engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies for achieving respectful workplaces. Erica’s highly readable book is unique in its attention to the Canadian context. A terrific resource for leaders who want to make a positive difference in their organizations!"

Dr. Rhonda L. Margolis

RLM Learning Innovations

"Respect in the marketplace is essential for any career-and the road to a profitable life with respect is within these pages. Buy this book - read this book - learn the lessons in this book --- I did!"

Dr. Peter Legge LLD(HON) CSP CPAR HoF

Speaker - Author - Businessman

"This book will help you identify and effectively manage the "elephant" in your workplace. I urgently recommend you read Road to Respect and benefit from Erica’s commitment and dedication to improving the work environment."

Larry Johns

General Manager, Screening Operations,
BC and Ft. McMurray Operations - GARDA

"Story telling is an incredibly powerful means of teaching. In Road to Respect Erica once again uses stories to inform and engage readers. Her book offers compelling perspectives as to why building a respectful workplace culture truly is the Path to Profit in today's highly diverse and complex business environment."

Marni Johnson, CHRP

Vice President, Human Resources & Communications

BlueShore Financial

"Whether you are a company of 3 or 30,000 employees, "Road to Respect" is a must read...... Erica's depth of experience is clearly evident throughout the entire book. It has given me practical tools in representing my membership...."

Paul Altilia

Business Agent,

Member and Labour Relations

Directors Guild of Canada - British Columbia

"My business has a truly global customer base. Success in a global environment requires business relationships built on a foundation of respect and trust. In her book, Road to Respect: Path to Profit Erica Pinsky shows readers how to create those win/win relationships. While its Canadian perspective will make it particularly relevant to Canadian employers, any organization interested in creating a workplace that attracts and retains the best and brightest in today’s multi-cultural talent pool will benefit from applying the practices Erica shares in this engaging and stimulating book."

Jerry A. Rosenblatt, PhD,

Centre of Excellence Leader,
Global Forecasting & Opportunity Assessment

IMS Consulting

"Erica Pinsky has hit on what is, for both employees and employers the key to sustained business success; an organizational culture embodying behaviours that lead to work environment where employees feel safe, included and respected – where they are encouraged and supported to take responsibility, resolve their conflicts and take action when they witness disrespectful behaviour.  This is a topic all of us need to know more about. Given Erica's consulting professionalism focused on respect in the workplace, her book should be a great source of information and inspiration."

Ron Einblau

President - Einblau & Associates

Reviews about
Road to Respect: Path to Profit