In February, 2012, I presented Speak Up: Speak Out – Personal Power and Respect in Business at the Vancouver chapter of eWomenNetwork. After the presentation Pamela Chatry, Executive Managing Director told me about a speakers competition that eWomenNetwork was holding and encouraged me to enter.


eWomenNetwork has thousands of members.  Many of those members are also members of the eWomenNetwork speakers bureau.  Many are professional speakers.


In spite of the fact that I really didn’t think I had a hope of making it, I decided to enter.  It wasn’t really about winning, it was more about affirming my intention to speak, affirming my commitment to talk about the things I am passionate about: power, respect, and disrespect: subjects that many of us prefer to avoid dealing with.


I entered  the competition without any expectation.  Imagine my surprise when on March 27th I received the following email:



Out of over 1,000 speaker submissions for
 North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest (NANGS),
 you have made our “Top 20” speakers cut. 
Just to be among the final 20 puts you in a league of unique distinction.
  We are so excited for you!


Let me tell you, they weren’t the only ones that were excited.  I couldn’t believe it!


My excitement was only slightly marred when I continued reading:


"Here is what is happening next. We have five more speakers that will be eliminated before we post
 the “Top 15” on the eWomenNetwork website for public judging which begins on April 7."


I think you know where this is heading.  On Thursday April 5th I woke up to learn that I had made the top 15.  Public judging, which ran until April 16 at midnight and eliminated 5 of the semi-finalists.  The remaining 10 got the opportunity to present on the main stage at the eWomenNetwork national convention in July. I was one of those Top Ten. I didn't finish in first place but the whole experience was a marvelous experience.

Here's the video that got me started.


Here's Erica as 1 of the top 10 finalists
at the 2012 North America's Next Greatest Speaker Contest ...

North America's Next Greatest Speaker

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